Link to the awesome and amazing Yuletide gift I got from AdaptationDecay!!!
That's the link to the most amazing story I have ever gotten for Yuletide! It's 2650 words long, divided into 8 chapters, each with it's own piece of fanart to go with it!
I'm still so excited about it I'm practically bouncing in my seat as I write this!

Yuletide letter!
Dear wonderful and awesome author who is awesome and wonderful,
I hope my request was to your liking. I actually had a little trouble with my signup this year because there aren't very many fandoms that I'm part of that were on the list. Anyway, this letter is going to be kind of hard to write because there's a giant orange cat sitting between me and my laptop, and although he's being really sweet, he's making it a little hard for me to reach the keyboard.

The specific requests are very short, because most of the things I like go for all fandoms.
l like fics that focus on the relationships between the characters, be it slash, het or gen. I tend to like slash, but it's not a must. Ratings also don't matter to me, as long as the characters aren't doing anything really weird, I'm fine with anything. Oh, and one last things, AU is also ok, especially when it's unexpected. Basically, I'm easy to please, so I hope you enjoy yourself, because that's the most important part of Yuletide.

So, onto my requests!

Request number One: A Knight's Tale
As I said before, this is my favorite feel good movie. Ever since I was introduced to it by one of the more awesome people I know (you know who you are), I've watched it countless times. I also said I want to read a sort of continuation of the movie, or a Ten Years Later kind of thing.

Request number Two: In Plain Sight
As you probably must have read in my signup sheet, I love Mary Shannon. I think she's awesome. She has the same attitude about life and people as I do. I also love Marshall, well, because he's Marshall. I especially love the relationship between them. The little quips, stings and burns they toss at each other. I would like to see what happens on a night when they both stay late. Perhaps one of them finds a bottle of booze somewhere.

Request number Three: Discworld
So this is the first year I caved and asked for Discworld fic. I usually don't like to read Discworld fic, because I always thought of it as something special. Let's not forget the sheer amount of Discworld cannon out there. I never felt the need for fic. So if this is your assignment, this will be the second Discworld fic I will have ever read. It doesn't matter to me which characters you use, because i love them so much. I just want to read a nice lighthearted piece. Maybe see an unexpected side of someone.

I hope my letter wasn't too long and boring. I also hope that you enjoy Yuletide 2011, from both ends.
Happy writing,

The beginning of a story
I started writing this story a few years ago and lost it on my hard drive, only to find it again today when I was looking for something to use as a writing sample. I fixed it up a little so it didn't look so much as something written by 17 year old (at least that's how old I think I was at the time).
I hope whoever reads it likes it, and I would love to hear what people think about my writing.

Unnamed Story (A.K.A Null's fic)
Unnamed Chapter 1
The South side of Port Remmit was in uproar. The Baker’s daughter was pregnant and the rumor was that it was the Observer who had gotten her into this state. No one really knew what to do with this knowledge, but they all knew that it was something important. Some people, mostly the women, congregated in and around the bakery, trying to offer their help and opinions of the Observer, while others, mostly the men congregated outside the Observery, yelling obscenities and some even waving weapons of various sorts.
Michael Rolland was looking at the whole scene from his second floor bedroom window. He wasn’t sure how to take all this. He and Niale did indeed have a closer relationship than advisable for an Observer and a local, but as close as they were, their relationship was completely platonic. Not that anyone believed them, of course. No one in Southside could be seen with someone of the opposite gender and not be gossiped about, even if it was nonsense. Nevertheless, this was a situation Mike had not been trained or prepared for. He had to ask for help. He turned to the console screen and contacted the Director.
“It was not him!” Niale all but yelled for what seemed like the thousandth time. “It was not Observer Rolland. Why is it that you all think it is him? He and I are simply friends, and besides, we all know the legend of Roger and Sivana. Observers and humans cannot bear children.”
“Then who was it?” asked the Blacksmith’s wife, a kindly old lady and the source of many a rumor in Southside.
“Who could it be but that wretched Observer?” came the shrill voice of the Thatcher’s mother, the old Thatcher’s wife. “I always knew nothing good would come of this supposed ‘friendship!”
“I-I... I cannot tell you!” This time she actually yelled, pulling the covers over her head. “It is none of your business, and I would like you all to leave me in peace!” She curled up under her blanket and listened to the sound of footsteps leaving her room and heading down the stairs to the shop front she usually tended. One of her father’s apprentices was probably there instead of her. The other apprentices had also most likely been left alone, Niale thought. He also didn’t like the close relationship she had with the Observer, and even though he knew the legends, he also didn’t know who else it could have been, so he was probably outside the Observery along with the other men, trying to knock the poor man’s door down.
Antoli ran.
He ran until he thought he was far enough away from Port Remmit to stop and look back. He could see all of Southside from where he was standing. He could recognize almost all the buildings. He could see butchery with the smoke coming out of the smokehouse next door. He could see the smithy, which was where he was being apprenticed, or had been apprenticed by his father, up until that morning. He could see the bakery, with its twisting chimney puffing out white smoke.
 Niale usually ran the shop front. He missed her so much, but there was no way he could stay. Not after what he had done. Of course he hadn’t meant it to turn out like this. In fact, it hadn’t been planned at all. The two had been seeing each other without their parent’s knowledge for quite a long time. The custom in Port Remmit was that men could not marry until they had finished their apprenticeship, which was why no one could know about their courtship.
Tony knew he was being a coward, abandoning Niale at the time when she probably needed him most, but he didn’t know what would happen if he stayed. He didn’t know if he would be welcome anywhere in Southside, or in Port Remmit at all. As far as he could see, there was no choice but to find somewhere else.
“But Professor, I swear I didn’t do it. I never even slept with her, and even if I had, there’s no way I could have gotten her pregnant!” Michael protested.
“I am sure of that, Mr. Rolland,” said Professor Burns, “but there’s nothing that we can do. I would’ve been able to overlook the fact that you broke a rule by getting too close, but you also betrayed their trust, and there’s no way we can keep you there. I’ll see what I can do about keeping you in the program, maybe we can send you somewhere else, but you can’t stay there. You’ll be replaced tomorrow. I suggest you go see the Duke to let him know.”
“Broke the-? What?! Since when is not making friends with the locals a rule? And how the hell was I supposed to know that the little Smith brat had knocked her up?-“
“You shall speak to me with respect, Mr. Rolland; I will be going out of my way to help you get out of the mess you got yourself in. End of discussion,” he added when Michael had opened his mouth to protest. “We’ll do the exchange tomorrow. We will send the new Observer in and you will go through the portal he or she will have created to return home. Good day, Mr. Rolland.”
“But-,” Michael started, but the screen had already gone blank.
 The Beginning of Unnamed Chapter 2
 “Cris get up already!” came the voice of Victoria Clemente for the third time that morning. “You’re gonna be late again!”
“I’m awake!” yelled Christine Tomlinson. “You can come look. I’m standing up and everything!” She quickly got out of bed and stood up so Vicky could see.
“Yeah, yeah. Just get up already, your coffee’s getting cold.”
Cris sighed and started rummaging through the mess that was her floor for clothes that matched and didn’t smell so bad. Having found what she needed, she made her way to the shower, saying hi to Vicky on her way.
“Oh look at that, she’s not dead. I told you she wasn’t dead,” Vicky laughed.
“Yeah, well it’s hard to tell with how long it takes to get her up in the morning,” said Brad, sipping his coffee and looking through the newspaper.
“Just shut up,” yelled Cris from down the hall. “I don’t have time for this.”
Somehow she managed to shower, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee on the way out the door and just manage to catch the bus as it rolled out of the stop.  She even managed to get the last empty seat, right in the back, her favorite place to sit, where she could see everyone.
Cris loved watching people. Especially trying to figure out what kind of Consoles they carried. It says a lot about a person, the kind of console they carry.
Most kept the ones they were issued as children, a small rectangular device with a touch screen in the front. It was simple, hard to break, easily replaceable and what everyone was used to.
Some people, mostly rich businessmen or spoiled teenagers trying to make a statement, carried a console that fit over their eyes with two transparent lenses, a little like the glasses people with vision impairments used to wear before the retinal implant became common enough for them to become obsolete.
Even rarer than that was the ocular implant. A chip implanted right in the vision center of the brain. This implanted console was officially still in testing, and Cris had only seen people with the tell tale red LED light behind their ear once or twice.

So..... What do you think? Should I keep going? Should I just stop writing all together?

On another note, as of tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle! Yay for me and thanks to my mom!

Letter time! Yay!
Dear amazing and wonderful writer,

I'm so so SO sorry it took so long for me to write this letter. I hope it's not too late and that you haven't given up on me.
Anyway, on to the details, though I'm sure anything you write will be amazing.

There are a bunch of things that apply to all fandoms. One of those is smut, porn, really mature themes, whatever you want to call it. What's the point of fanfiction if you can't make the characters do dirty stuff to each other, right? The other thing is that, as much as I adore a good PWP as much as the next fangirl, I also like some kind of plot. I like to get to know the character from the writer's point of view. The third thing is that THERE MUST BE A HAPPY ENDING! I'm a huge fan of fluff. Angst is ok, as long as it gest sorted out by the end.

One extra thing is that, even though I listed four characters per fandom, it doesn't mean you have to write them all.

And now for the fandom specific details.
Ready? GO:

Request 1: Lie to Me:
This is my favorite tv show. I absolutely ADORE Cal Lightman, though I'm sure I would hate his guts in real life.
I'm happy with any pairing, as long as Cal is part of it. I always love a good Cal/Gillian fic, with a background of Eli/Ria.
What I really want to see is Cal's soft side. The side that really cares about people. I want to know what goes on in his head when he's rough and gruff with people. Is that who he really is?

Request 2: A Knight's Tale:
This is an awesome movie. I've watched it  over and over. It's totally brilliant. I love the theme and the characters themselves, as well as how they interact with each other. I like most M/M pairings in this movie, mostly William/Geoffrey though anyone else is good too.
I would particularly like to see everyone through Geoff's eyes, since he was the one who wrote the original Knight's Tale. I would rather the story take place post-movie. Not everything can be fixed in one or two scenes. There must be some cleanup left.... right?

Request 3: Tin Man:
Such an amazing rendition of The Wizard of Oz. The way the characters are depicted is just plain awesome. A Scarecrow who had his memories confiscated. A Tin Man who lost his family. Whoever thought of that is a genius.
Anyway, you might be able to tell that the characters I like the best are Glitch and Wyatt. I love them together, I love them apart, but mostly I love them together.
I would love a post-series fic where everyone is rebuilding the O.Z. and everything is calming down. Did Glitch get his memory back? Is he Glitch or is he Ambrose? Most importantly, does he remember Wyatt?
Happy ending please. Pretty please.

That's it for my letter. I hope you enjoy your assignment and that you get a great Yuletide fic.

Thank you and good luck,

To my amazing and wonderful writer.
Hey, sorry for not having my letter up yet.
I hope to have it ready by the end of tomorrow, Israel time.
Thanks for your patience. :)

(no subject)
I have a feeling that the only one reading this blog is sharaith. Now here's the question: is there any point in my writing this if no one's going to read it?

I'm so happy the week's over! It felt to me like today would never come.
I got yelled at by an officer today for something I didn't do. I was really hurt by that. I had done everything right, and even if I had made a mistake, that's no reason to yell down the phone at me for 10 minutes.

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Another DS post
I'm back! Posting from my DS again because I can't be bothered to take my laptop out, even though it's harder to type this way.
I'm watching the longest tennis math ever. This match so ridiculously long, it's not even funny anymore. They've been playing forever. As of now, the score is 45 all in the final set. I'm talking 90 games here. CRAZY! I can't even begin to imagine how tired these poor guys must be...

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Quick post
I'm posting this from my DS because I didn't have time to take my laptop out today.
My mom's home from work for the week after having been in a car accident. She's ok overall, though she's in a lot of pain, which is understandable.
It's been a long day. Someone's hard drive stopped working completely. I couln't even get any information off it.
I'm going to bed now.

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(no subject)
My mom got rear-ended by a garbage truck on the way to work today. She says she's ok, but we're going to the emergency room in 20 minutes anyway, just to make sure that's the case. I really hope nothing serious happened.
Anyway, her company car is a total wreck, so it was taken to the shop to fixed. About an hour after I was told this, I remembered that my other cell phone (I have two) was in the car. I got the number suspended. I hope it won't get stolen, even though I am planing on giving the number up pretty soon. Having two cell phones is really annoying.
Anyway, this is post number three! I haven't broken yet.
See you tomorrow,


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